Golf in the Carolinas

I like golf. I typically play two rounds a week during good weather, and frequently at least one even in bad weather. Whenever I get on my wife's nerves she will say "Don't you have someone you could play golf with?".

Big Spray

I was at Falls Lake near Raleigh one summer evening with friends Lawton and John.

Bocce ball anyone?

Five Easy Steps for Creating a Photo/Video Montage with Take One Solutions

One of the best ways to celebrate life events like anniversaries, birth announcements and birthdays, graduations, weddings etc. is to create a photo montage video from your family photos and/or video to show at the event.

Sometimes the best photos aren't planned at all

It started off as a foggy day in Asheville...

9 Helpful Tips for DIY Home Interior Photography (part 3)

Last month in part 2 of this tutorial series we learned how I created the photo below. This month in the final post of this series I'll discuss the specifics of getting the proper exposure for the window exterior. 
Fig 1 - final image with all "paint with light" areas blended in