Covenant Lovers Workshop Video

We recently produced a six hour video based on the Covenant Lovers workshop held in Raleigh, NC. The video will be used in future seminars held around the country. These seminars were designed and led by two entertaining and inspiring Christian sex therapists: Dr. Doug Rosenau and Dr. Debbie Neel. The video and workbook curriculum is designed to keep attendees laughing and learning while getting comfortable talking openly about sex with their spouse.
We filmed the workshop at the home of Dr. Neel. It was a three-camera shoot and I was assisted by videographer Randall Campbell and sound engineer Fred Brumbach. Each of the eight workshop attendees were fitted with wireless lavaliere mics and I had one shotgun mic for room ambience. Fred did a great job giving me a good mix as well as nine individual tracks. The cameras were set up similar to this pre-shoot plan. Camera one alternated between Dr. Neel and Dr. Rosenau, camera two zoomed and panned between the three couples, and  camera three was a stationary wide shot.
The workshop was unscripted, yet there were surprisingly few reshoots required during the day. Dr. Neel and Dr. Rosenau did an outstanding job leading the discussion and keeping it focused. There were however, some nice spontaneous moments outtakes.

Five Generations of Newsomes

How often does a photographer get the opportunity to photograph five generations of a family. Recently I had that opportunity at the home of Bette Anne and Lee Newsome. What a nice experience!

Learn • Evolve • Repeat

This is how I am starting my first blog. I've given some thought to whether I wanted a blog, and if so, what is its purpose. I know I love photography and video. I love learning. I enjoy working at the intersection of the arts and technology. What I hope to do here is share some of the things I learn and/or experience in my journey as an artisan. I expect there will be the occasional tutorial, and some "reports from the field" about particular jobs of interest. I wish I was a "shot of the day" kind of person, but I'm not. I will try to post the shots or jobs here that really excite me. Hopefully they will be interesting for you as well. Together, we can learn, evolve, and repeat.