Tobacco Auctions Return to Lake City, South Carolina

From 1987 to the early 2000's I produced software that was used by many tobacco warehouses to manage their auctions. The software tracked each bale of tobacco through its receipt and sale. At the end of each sale the software would cut checks to each farmer, and electronically bill the buyers for their purchases.

In the early 2000's the tobacco industry transitioned to contract buying and auctions disappeared except for a few warehouses, mostly in the burley market. But in 2013, due mostly to a short crop caused by an extremely wet spring and summer, several tobacco companies turned back to auctions to help "sweeten the pot" for any excess tobacco that might be available.

Recently, I was invited to capture on video the first tobacco auction in South Carolina in nine years. It was at Carolina Tobacco Auctions in Lake City, South Carolina, owned by Jimmy and Jackie Lynch who are former customers of mine. For this sale they used the same Warehouse Assistant software we provided those years ago. Lynn Nicholson provided technical support over the phone from Clarksville, TN and Wynette Shaw was in the office to help ensure things went smoothly. Both Lynn and Wynette are former associates so it was like a homecoming of sorts. That, and the sweet aroma of tobacco on the warehouse floor really took me back to an earlier era.

Hotel Tonight Uses Take One's Photos to Reach Travelers

Hotel Tonight brings together travelers and quality hotels to fill rooms that would otherwise remain empty. These rooms are only offered the day of, and as a result they are available at substantial discounts. Hotel Tonight presents the day's deals through their iPhone and Android mobile apps. It is important to present to the traveler an accurate and representative view of the types of rooms available.

Over the past few months I have helped Hotel Tonight capture photos of area hotels for their app. These shoots have a few unique requirements:

  • Photos are in vertical (portrait) format for optimum display on smart phones
  • The photos are shot with ambient light only
  • A twilight shot of the exterior is desired for its better aesthetic properties and is captured in both vertical and horizontal format. 
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Below are some of my favorite hotel shots.

Dolphin Shores Luxury Condominium Community Promotional Video

Dolphin Shores is a luxury condominium community located on the Intercoastal Waterway at Holden Beach, NC. In developing their marketing campaign, Pamela Macior knew she needed a compelling video to promote not only the community, but the surrounding area which includes both Wilmington, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC.

 Mark Bray of Mark Bray Enterprises worked with Pamela to develop the script and shot list. Then, following a two day shoot we delivered the final video to the Webmaster one week later for installation on the Dolphin Shores homepage. It is now a prominate part of the Dolphin Shores marketing effort.

Real-time Event Slide Shows

Imagine you are at an event and the photographer is snapping away. But instead of waiting days to see the resulting photos, they are being shown on a large high definition monitor in a professionally designed slide show, as they are shot. Guests are entertained with real-time photos throughout the event.

This past December I photographed an annual American Airlines holiday party. I've done that before. But this time I used a new wireless technology that enables me to automatically transfer my photos real-time into a running slideshow displaying on a large monitor. Over the evening I took about sixty photos and guests really enjoyed seeing them cycle through the slideshow as the party progressed.

Technical Details
The components of my real-time slideshow setup were:
- Nikon D600 camera which uses SD cards for storing photos
- Eye-Fi SD card which replaces the camera's standard SD card
- Laptop computer with Eye-Fi receiver to receive, store and run the photos in the slideshow.
- Proshow Producer software to create the slideshow template.
- Dell 24 inch HD monitor to display the running slideshow (but can also display to an onsite high definition television or projector)