Real-time Event Slide Shows

Imagine you are at an event and the photographer is snapping away. But instead of waiting days to see the resulting photos, they are being shown on a large high definition monitor in a professionally designed slide show, as they are shot. Guests are entertained with real-time photos throughout the event.

This past December I photographed an annual American Airlines holiday party. I've done that before. But this time I used a new wireless technology that enables me to automatically transfer my photos real-time into a running slideshow displaying on a large monitor. Over the evening I took about sixty photos and guests really enjoyed seeing them cycle through the slideshow as the party progressed.

Technical Details
The components of my real-time slideshow setup were:
- Nikon D600 camera which uses SD cards for storing photos
- Eye-Fi SD card which replaces the camera's standard SD card
- Laptop computer with Eye-Fi receiver to receive, store and run the photos in the slideshow.
- Proshow Producer software to create the slideshow template.
- Dell 24 inch HD monitor to display the running slideshow (but can also display to an onsite high definition television or projector)