Asheville Bluegrass Dancers

Around our household Asheville, NC has long been a favorite place to visit. So much so, we were married there. Asheville's Urban Trail is a 1.7 mile walking tour through the streets of downtown. The trail tell's Asheville's history and past through 30 stops, each with public sculptures which are landmarks along the Urban Trail. These dancers and musicians are found at stop 13 in front of the Asheville Civic Center. I decided to turn these shots into a poster celebrating bluegrass.

Iterative Prototyping: A Software Development Technique That Works for Creative Video

ComSoft is a Raleigh company that provides car dealership management and marketing solutions. When they needed a one-minute video overview of their software they turned to Take One Solutions. From my software development days I am a strong believer in prototyping solutions. It is a very cost-effective way to develop creative works for others. I like to apply that same concept when going from conceptual idea to finished commercial video spot. So after three or four iterations we arrived at this video.