Golf in the Carolinas

I like golf. I typically play two rounds a week during good weather, and frequently at least one even in bad weather. Whenever I get on my wife's nerves she will say "Don't you have someone you could play golf with?".

Big Spray

I was at Falls Lake near Raleigh one summer evening with friends Lawton and John.

Bocce ball anyone?

Five Easy Steps for Creating a Photo/Video Montage with Take One Solutions

One of the best ways to celebrate life events like anniversaries, birth announcements and birthdays, graduations, weddings etc. is to create a photo montage video from your family photos and/or video to show at the event.

Sometimes the best photos aren't planned at all

It started off as a foggy day in Asheville...

9 Helpful Tips for DIY Home Interior Photography (part 3)

Last month in part 2 of this tutorial series we learned how I created the photo below. This month in the final post of this series I'll discuss the specifics of getting the proper exposure for the window exterior. 
Fig 1 - final image with all "paint with light" areas blended in

Art Deco in Midtown Manhattan

I think this is one of the most beautiful buildings around, and I love its art deco style.

My Golf Panorama Prints on Fine Art America

I recently sold this matted and framed panorama of the Mid Pines Golf Course Hole # 18 to a nice young lady in Stouffville, Ontario, Canada. Perhaps this is to be a Father's Day gift? Or maybe she is an avid golfer? What I do know is it is a beautiful image of the majestic old inn guarding the 18th hole green.

North Carolina Bathrooms (Circa 1930)

Despite (or maybe because of) all the talk about bathrooms here in North Carolina, I thought I'd post this one from a simpler time.

"The Most Elegant Building in America..."

When E.W. Grove completed the Grove Park Inn in 1915 he began plans for "the most elegant building in America" - a new arcade kind of retail center in downtown Asheville.

Take One Solutions on Facebook

Today I've created a Facebook page for Take One Solutions. 

9 Helpful Tips for DIY Home Interior Photography (part 2)

Last month I introduced my nine tips for doing your own home interior photography. Following those guides you can achieve acceptable results for many rooms using just your smart phone camera or equivalent. There are, of course, some trade offs and for some properties or situations you may need more. 

To address that, this month I've taken two photos of a different room - one with my smartphone, and one with my Nikon DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera. 

Here is the DSLR photo I created. I've added supplementary lighting using a technique I'll call "ambient/flash composite" which I will describe further on down. 

How Not to Photograph a Golf Shot!

It seemed like a good idea when my son Dex and I were playing in a golf tournament.

Animated Photo Slideshow/Montage Videos

Styles: MTV, Ken Burns,

Photo and video montage slideshows are very popular with my clients for commemorating special events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, "this is your life" stories,  etc.

Four different photo montage video styles from Jerry Norman on Vimeo.

Sad Eyes

I'm pretty sure this guy is thinking "This is some predicament I've got myself into this time.".

9 Helpful Tips for DIY Home Interior Photography (part 1)

Here are nine basic steps you can use to obtain pretty decent home interior photos with your smartphone or similar camera. 


If you are driving near Prospect Hill, NC you might look for Henry Warren's Shangri-la minature stone village on old route 86, 3 miles south of the intersection of route 119. I last visited Shangra-la in the mid 1990's when I snapped this shot. As a nice addition, there was snow on the ground.

The Fox Theater

I shot this from the Hotel Indigo across Peachtree Street from the theater. The Fox Theater opened in 1929 as a movie palace. Today, it hosts more than 250 shows and half a million visitors each year.

Ride through the Funicular Railway Tunnel

CaimGorm Mountain is home to Scotland's only funcular railway. I shot this while moving through the tunnel at the upper end of the railway. I used a 1/6 second shutter speed to capture the feel of movement through the tunnel.

Four steps for creating a highlight short ("trailer") from a full length video

I shoot a lot of event videos such as weddings, fund raisers, memorial services, etc. Usually the client wants a full length video that documents the event in its entirety. Frequently these run for more than an hour. I almost always recommend also preparing a second "trailer" or highlight video that might run 5-10 minutes. In my experience, it is this shorter version that most often gets shown to friends and family, and on special occasions such as anniversary dates.

So I have looked for an efficient way to create these highlight videos.

Not Quiet Noah's Ark

Want to build your own ark boat? Then head to the Harvey W. Smith Watercraft Center in Beaufort, NC. There, you can take a nine day boat building course and produce one of these. I made this shot from the visitor's gallery but I sure would like to be down on the shop floor building one of these babies. Add to bucket list: check.

Stairway to...?

I shot this while on a morning stroll at the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas. I liked the hues and textures in this image.

U-505 WWII Submarine in Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

If you are ever in Chicago be sure to visit the Museum of Science and Industry. One of the most interesting exhibits for me - this captured WWII German submarine. You can take a guided tour through the sub. Be sure to watch the video documenting how the U-505 was moved from Lake Michigan across Lake Shore Drive to its specially built home in the museum.

Hyde Park Garden Gate

My sister-in-law Mary told me I had to capture this garden gate at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Springwood estate in Hyde Park, NY. She was right.

Craigylynne Hotel

Constructed with Highland granite, this grand Victorian hotel is a 10-minute walk from the centre of Grantown-on-Spey in the Scottish Highlands. I used a technique created by Michael Orton (the Orton effect) to give my photo a bit of a dreamy look.


We had a pretty good ice storm here in Raleigh. I took this in my front yard. The trip from my garage to the lamp post is about 20 ft, or 10 minutes in an ice storm! I like the glow of the lamp through the icicles.

Tea is Served

Tea is served aboard the Strathspey steam railway in the Scottish Highlands.

Shoes for Lunch?

The building in downtown Leesburg had housed a shoe repair store for more than 80 years, until its well-known cobbler retired and closed shop in 2006. Why replace a perfectly good sign just because it now is a restaurant?

Restored Memories

When I was nineteen I bought my first car. I paid $500 for a 1961 Austin Healey 3000. It didn't run, had no top, and had been sitting out in the weather for several years. What was I thinking?? But, I rebuilt it from the ground up over the next few months.

Today, all that remains of that car is an old, faded Polaroid. Recently I decided to "restore" that Healey, at least the photo of it. It was surprising to me how much of the photo restoration mimicked that earlier rebuild. Many "parts" of the photo were so faded that I had to go lift replacement parts found in Google's image search. Wheels and tires here, rear trunk lid there, etc. I only wish I could now take it for a spin!