We had a pretty good ice storm here in Raleigh. I took this in my front yard. The trip from my garage to the lamp post is about 20 ft, or 10 minutes in an ice storm! I like the glow of the lamp through the icicles.

Tea is Served

Tea is served aboard the Strathspey steam railway in the Scottish Highlands.

Shoes for Lunch?

The building in downtown Leesburg had housed a shoe repair store for more than 80 years, until its well-known cobbler retired and closed shop in 2006. Why replace a perfectly good sign just because it now is a restaurant?

Restored Memories

When I was nineteen I bought my first car. I paid $500 for a 1961 Austin Healey 3000. It didn't run, had no top, and had been sitting out in the weather for several years. What was I thinking?? But, I rebuilt it from the ground up over the next few months.

Today, all that remains of that car is an old, faded Polaroid. Recently I decided to "restore" that Healey, at least the photo of it. It was surprising to me how much of the photo restoration mimicked that earlier rebuild. Many "parts" of the photo were so faded that I had to go lift replacement parts found in Google's image search. Wheels and tires here, rear trunk lid there, etc. I only wish I could now take it for a spin!