If you are driving near Prospect Hill, NC you might look for Henry Warren's Shangri-la minature stone village on old route 86, 3 miles south of the intersection of route 119. I last visited Shangra-la in the mid 1990's when I snapped this shot. As a nice addition, there was snow on the ground.

The Fox Theater

I shot this from the Hotel Indigo across Peachtree Street from the theater. The Fox Theater opened in 1929 as a movie palace. Today, it hosts more than 250 shows and half a million visitors each year.

Ride through the Funicular Railway Tunnel

CaimGorm Mountain is home to Scotland's only funcular railway. I shot this while moving through the tunnel at the upper end of the railway. I used a 1/6 second shutter speed to capture the feel of movement through the tunnel.

Four steps for creating a highlight short ("trailer") from a full length video

I shoot a lot of event videos such as weddings, fund raisers, memorial services, etc. Usually the client wants a full length video that documents the event in its entirety. Frequently these run for more than an hour. I almost always recommend also preparing a second "trailer" or highlight video that might run 5-10 minutes. In my experience, it is this shorter version that most often gets shown to friends and family, and on special occasions such as anniversary dates.

So I have looked for an efficient way to create these highlight videos.