If you are driving near Prospect Hill, NC you might look for Henry Warren's Shangri-la minature stone village on old route 86, 3 miles south of the intersection of route 119. I last visited Shangra-la in the mid 1990's when I snapped this shot. As a nice addition, there was snow on the ground.

Henry started building this village in 1968 at the age of 77. Starting with a goldfish pond, he just kept building until he died in 1977. The 30 or so structures were built of white quartz found on site. And the walkways surrounding the Warren's house in the background incorporate more than 11,000 arrowheads Henry found on his land.

Here is a newspaper account of Henry and his village published in 1988. More recently, WRAL's Tarheel Traveler provided this update on Shangri-la.

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