Animated Photo Slideshow/Montage Videos

Styles: MTV, Ken Burns,

Photo and video montage slideshows are very popular with my clients for commemorating special events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, "this is your life" stories,  etc.

Four different photo montage video styles from Jerry Norman on Vimeo.

These video montages can be made from any combination of client photos and video, and/or media I shoot. There are also several styles of montages to choose from, described below and shown in the video above.

Traditional Slide Projector style
In this style there is no motion other than the transition from one photo to the next. It is kind of like sitting in front of an old Kodak slide projector, if you are old enough to remember those.

"Ken Burns" style
Ken Burns popularized this style with the epic 1990 PBS production "The Civil War". The "Ken Burns" style is a type of panning and zooming motion effect used on still photos to add interest, and often to bring emphasis to a region of the photo.

"High Energy Animation" style
Inspired by MTV, this montage style features faster pace and photo animation and motion graphics for a really upbeat presentation.

"Kid Stays in Picture" style
The Kid Stays in the Picture is a biopic about producer Robert Evans. Because much of his life was documented only in photographs, this movie used many multilayered composites to bring a sort of 3d action to the still images. 

KSIP style animations require isolating the foreground subject from the rest of the photo so a 3d effect can be simulated. Because of this, there is more work involved in this montage style. But oftentimes a sprinkling of KSIP photos in a video can add significant impact without breaking the budget.

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