How Not to Photograph a Golf Shot!

It seemed like a good idea when my son Dex and I were playing in a golf tournament.

When he stepped to the tee box I positioned myself 
safely low and well to his right to get the perfect photo of his swing. Since I was still in this position when fellow golfer Kevin stepped up to the tee box I figured I might as well get his shot too. Bad idea! Kevin is a long hitter, but not always down the middle.  Just as I snapped the photo I heard this "whoosh" way too close to my head. The next day I presented Kevin with a copy of this photo.

Disclaimer - it was Photoshop. I didn't actually capture the ball in flight. But this is about where I figure it would have been. Kevin believed. 

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  1. Of course, modern HDR programs for example like on website also support the RAW format of common cameras. The uncompressed RAW file contains many more image details than a JPEG file.