Art Deco in Midtown Manhattan

I think this is one of the most beautiful buildings around, and I love its art deco style.

My Golf Panorama Prints on Fine Art America

I recently sold this matted and framed panorama of the Mid Pines Golf Course Hole # 18 to a nice young lady in Stouffville, Ontario, Canada. Perhaps this is to be a Father's Day gift? Or maybe she is an avid golfer? What I do know is it is a beautiful image of the majestic old inn guarding the 18th hole green.

North Carolina Bathrooms (Circa 1930)

Despite (or maybe because of) all the talk about bathrooms here in North Carolina, I thought I'd post this one from a simpler time.

"The Most Elegant Building in America..."

When E.W. Grove completed the Grove Park Inn in 1915 he began plans for "the most elegant building in America" - a new arcade kind of retail center in downtown Asheville.

Take One Solutions on Facebook

Today I've created a Facebook page for Take One Solutions. 

9 Helpful Tips for DIY Home Interior Photography (part 2)

Last month I introduced my nine tips for doing your own home interior photography. Following those guides you can achieve acceptable results for many rooms using just your smart phone camera or equivalent. There are, of course, some trade offs and for some properties or situations you may need more. 

To address that, this month I've taken two photos of a different room - one with my smartphone, and one with my Nikon DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera. 

Here is the DSLR photo I created. I've added supplementary lighting using a technique I'll call "ambient/flash composite" which I will describe further on down.