Five Easy Steps for Creating a Photo/Video Montage with Take One Solutions

One of the best ways to celebrate life events like anniversaries, birth announcements and birthdays, graduations, weddings etc. is to create a photo montage video from your family photos and/or video to show at the event.
A popular option is to deliver the montage on DVD or Blu-ray with a continuous play option so it can play during the entire event.

Here is what I'll need from you if you would like me to create a montage for your life event:

1. Determine the montage style and length you want. There are four basic montage styles: a) Traditional slide projector style, b) "Ken Burns" style, c) High energy animation style, and d) "Kid in picture" style. Here is a video with samples of each:

See here for a description of the various styles.

A typical montage will run about 4-6 seconds per photo, so 50 photos will give you around 3-5 minutes run time. 

Pricing for a custom 50 digital photo montage using any combination of styles a, b or c is only $129 and include basic color and red-eye correction on your photos, a custom title and closing screen, and up to 5 captions. Additional digital photos are $1 each. The montage will be delivered on DVD, Blu-ray, or YouTube.

2. Gather and sequence your photos and/or videos. You will probably have a specific sequence in mind for your photos/videos. When you send your media you can do either of two things to communicate the sequence to me: a) prepare a list of you media in the order you wish them to appear, or b) rename you media files with a sequential number.

3. Deliver your media to Take One Solutions. Once I have received your order I will set up a folder at my website for you to upload your media to.

4. Optionally provide humorous captions, credits, etc. Captions, credits, etc. can add a lot of interest to your montage. Just tell me what you would like added, and to which photo and I'll do the rest.

5. Receive your finished video. I will upload a private preview of your montage for you to review. Once you have approved it, I will create and deliver your choice of DVD, HD Blu-ray, or Web video. The DVD and Blu-ray versions will contain an opening screen with the option to play once, or play continuously.

I create life event montage videos and slideshows for clients in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill and surrounding North Carolina areas. See samples and learn more about my photo montage videos here

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